August 31, 2021


The Economic Development Authority of Lewiston is willing to place buildings in Lewiston for sale or lease on the City Website.

This allows residents and others outside of our community to look for buildings if they should want to start a business or relocate their business to Lewiston.

Please contact the office of the city administrator or Dusty Liston of CEDA at if you would like your building listed on the City Website.


August 11, 2021


The City of Lewiston has learned that the cyber security incident that we reported to residents in late July was a ransomware attack.

The City contracted with legal and cyber security professionals, experienced in handling these types of incidents, to restore our systems and investigate the incident further.

Our investigations conclude that no sensitive information or private data involving residents was compromised as a result of the incident.

Unfortunately, other cities and government entities have been subjected to similar attacks in the recent past. While cybersecurity threats continue to impact all of us, we are taking ever-increasing measures to protect the information entrusted to us.

Please contact the office of the city administrator if you have questions or concerns about this announcement.

Lewiston 2019 Drinking Water Report

Your drinking water comes from a groundwater source: a 712 foot-deep well that draws water from the Wonewoc Sandstone aquifer.

Lewiston works hard to provide you with safe and reliable drinking water that meets federal and state water quality requirements, The purpose of this report is to provide you with information on your drinking water and how to protect our precious water resources.

Contact Curt Benter, Public Works Director, at 507-523-2257 or if you have question about Lewiston’s drinking water. You can also ask for information about how you can take part in decisions that may affect water quality.

Read the Full Lewiston 2019 Drinking Water Report