Part-time Cable TV Coordinator & Record Council Meetings

POSITION PURPOSE: Performs non-supervisory administrative work as the primary employee responsible
for the administration of the cable television franchise agreement, development and operation of the local cable
access channel, and recording city council meetings.


  • Maintains a schedule of events and information for programming and publicizes that schedule and
    information weekly.
  • Posts all announcements that are submitted within 24 hour of receipt.
  • Removes all expired announcements within 24 hours of events.
  • Provides for proper maintenance of equipment and other assets of the Service.
  • Maintains an accurate inventory of all assets of the Service.
  • Brings forth issues to be reviewed and considered by the City Council and the Cable TV Commission.
  • Attends meetings of the City Council and the Cable TV Commission as directed.
  • Records events at the direction of the City Council.
  • Prepares and maintains instruction manual for the operation of the posting of announcements of the
    Lewiston Cable TV access channel.
  • Provides training as directed by the City Council.
  • Records the regular meetings of the City Council every second and fourth Wednesday of each month.
  • Records other special meetings as directed by the City Council.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Performs other job related duties as assigned.


  • Working knowledge of Cable Television production systems.
  • Working knowledge of operating the video camera for recording.
  • Skilled in audio and video production equipment.
  • Working knowledge of Power Point.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and establish working relationships with elected officials, office
    staff, business/community groups, and residents of the City.
  • Must possess satisfactory oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong customer relationship skills and a strong desire to serve the public.
  • Be able to work with minimum supervision.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Experience in recording, editing, or otherwise producing video
productions. Have the ability to work with minimal supervision. Have a strong computer technical background.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is performed in typical council chamber environment to oversee operations
of recording and attend council meetings. You will be given access to computer and broadcast equipment.
Performing essential functions of the position regularly requires the incumbent to remain standing in the normal
position for extended periods of time with occasional lifting or carrying of objects from five to twenty pounds.
This position requires the ability to listen, express and/or exchange ideas.