Buildings and Lots for Sale or Lease

The Economic Development Authority of Lewiston is willing to place buildings in Lewiston for sale or lease on the City Website. This allows residents and others outside of our community to look for buildings if they should want to start a business or relocate their business to Lewiston. Please contact the office of the city administrator or Dusty Liston of CEDA at if you would like your building listed on the City Website.

AVAILABLE FOR SALE – 6300 Highway 14 West
Link to Website

AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR LEASE650 Countyside Circle East


Business Development

Lewiston makes nurturing its business community a priority! The Lewiston Economic Development Authority administers a revolving loan fund and utilizes all available incentives to grow and invigorate the community. The city is also open to negotiating development packages to suit the needs of your business. Our commitment and vision to growth make us an exceptional community and our residents will gladly assist those who work toward growth.

Whether you are relocating, expanding, or starting a new enterprise, we have a number of programs and services to assist you. To businesses that show a commitment to Lewiston, we can offer:

  • Business Assistance
  • Access to the Revolving Loan Fund
  • Tax Abatement
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Financial Packaging

For more information, please contact the city at (507) 523-2257.

Economy and Workforce of Lewiston

Lewiston has a unique and highly skilled work-force. Many of our residents are highly skilled in industries such as agriculture, health care, plastic composite manufacturing, and hi-tech electronics manufacturing.

Located in the heart of the most fertile and productive farmland in America, agriculture is also a vital part of the local economy. Major employers in Lewiston include sales and marketing firms, semiconductor manufacturing, agricultural suppliers, and auto and truck sales.

Lewiston Business Incentives & Programs

Lewiston offers local businesses many incentives.  To find out more information on programs available, we invite you to browse the following links.  If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact the Lewiston EDA.  The EDA is ready to help!

Revolving Loan Fund

The Lewiston EDA has made available a revolving loan fund (RLF) to assist with the many needs of businesses in our community. RLF loans are a low interest “gap” financing tool that are to be used in conjunction with owner equity, other incentive programs, and/or traditional financing methods. Loan amounts can range from $2,500 to $25,000. Click the links below for program guidelines and application information:

Revolving Loan Fund Checklist
Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines
Revolving Loan Fund Application
Business Plan Outline

The following links provide a brief overview of all the programs and incentives available to Lewiston businesses:

Guide to Incentives & Programs in Lewiston
Lewiston Business Subsidy Policy

Should you have questions on any of the programs mentioned, please contact the Lewiston EDA!

Land & Buildings Available in Lewiston

Search for available properties and buildings in Lewiston using Location One Information Systems (LOIS).

Information on Winona County programs and assistance

Property & Building Search

Other Economic Development Resources

Winona County Economic Development Authority

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