Lewiston Police Department 

Mission statement:  

The Lewiston Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of those that live, work, or visit here while treating everyone with respect and dignity.

The Lewiston Police Department is located in the City Hall building at 75 Rice Street, Lewiston, MN 55952.

The 2010 Census lists the population of Lewiston at 1620.

LPD currently employs a full-time Chief of Police, one full-time Officer, and four part-time officers. All LPD Officers are full time POST licensed.

The Lewiston Police Department is a community oriented Public Safety Department. LPD staff have been involved in various community outreach programs such as Safe and Drug Free School Initiatives, A.L.I.C.E, and Safety Net.  

If you would like to report suspicious activity please contact us by email, phone or just stop by. We will respect your request for anonymity.Thank you !

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Lewiston Police Department
Direct Line: (507) 523-2534  * Not Staffed 24 / 7
24 Hour Dispatch: (507)457-6492
Fax: (507) 322-4009
Emergency:  9-1-1

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